Sean Conboy – Master of Space and Light

Sean Conboy – Master of Space and Light

In a piece from Victor by Hasselblad, Sean Conboy has been speaking about how he utilises both space and light in his work. “If we’re dealing with spaces, 9 times out of 10, I’m using my own lighting.”

In particular, Sean is renowned in the industry for producing some of the best twilight photography around. A time of day with a distinct visual wonder, it provides his images with a quality that is so difficult to replicate any other way.

The ‘magic hour’ of twilight gives his shoots a unique depth, as can be seen in his work on Gaukroger and Partners’ POD classrooms and the Manchester Civil Justice Centre. The MCJC, in particular, is incredibly striking as it was captured in the throws of winter, immediately following a storm.

Architectural and industrial photography has always been a passion for Sean, “I was always interested in how things were made. I love the challenge of being on location. I get itchy feet being in a studio.”

An old school photographer at heart, favouring in-camera work over Photoshop, he has managed to transition to digital with ease. Primarily shooting with a Hasselblad H3DII-50, he also uses a Linhof Techno with an attached H3DII-50 digital back.

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