About Sean Conboy

An internationally renowned photographer, Sean Conboy provides architects, construction companies, designers and the world of advertising and marketing with a standard of work that only leaves you questioning the standards of others.

With projects ranging from giant multiplex cinemas to multi-storey structures, Sean Conboy is often challenged with complex mixed lighting and atmospheric surroundings. A keen visual awareness, extensive technical experience and the finest large format equipment ensure you a result that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Sean Conboy uses a variety of camera systems and equipment that enables him to consistently produce the some of the best architectural, industrial and commercial photography in the world.


Sean Conboy is a proud ambassador for Hasselblad, and for good reason. Hasselblad cameras have been a staple of professional photographers for over 50 years, due largely to their robust build quality, long-lasting service life and range of possible uses. Their H-System cameras, such as the H4D-60 and the H5D-60 as used by Sean on many of his shoots, are market leaders in medium-format digital cameras and consistently produce the best photography work for his clients. But the quality of an image is only as good as the lens that forms it; that’s why Hasselblad also makes some of the best high-performance lenses in the world, known for being stable, quiet and producing superior digital images.



Widely celebrated as industry leaders in flash equipment for the photography of architecture and construction projects, Broncolor have been in the business since 1958. With a global reputation for industry-best colour consistency and flash duration, as well as the amazing light shaping capabilities of their lightweight, professional para reflectors, Sean Conboy puts his faith in no one but Broncolor.



Linhof have been producing camera systems and equipment in Munich for over 120 years, and are particularly lauded for their premium rollfilm and large format film cameras. The oldest surviving camera manufacturer in the world, Linhof have gone from strength to strength, applying their film heritage to the digital age and producing an industry-leading, large format digital platform that don’t compromise on quality. Sean Conboy always works with Paula and the team at Linhof Studio to source the best equipment for the job.



When it comes to camera lenses and filters, there is nothing better a Rodenstock. With a reputation for producing sharp, true-colour photographs, Rodenstock lenses are known worldwide for being the go to brand for industrial, architectural and advertising photography. Likewise their polarising and UV filters help create the detailed, undistorted photos that Sean Conboy is known for throughout the industry.



The art of architectural photography doesn’t just happen on the street, but also in the studio. Eizo is the world’s favourite high-end monitor creator and manufacturer, used in every industry from graphic design to medicine. Sean Conboy chooses Eizo monitors for their image fidelity and precise colour correction capabilities.